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G.V., 20th-century Lebanese physiologist in Britain. See: Anrep phenomenon.
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ANREP was drafted with the initiation of MEW's Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Directorates and the technical and financial support of GIZ with the overall objective of deploying and utilizing renewable energy sources in an optimized manner.
ANREP's targets have focused mostly on electricity generation with a limited focus on affordable and efficient cooking and heating devices run on either renewable energy sources or traditional biomass.
With regard to institutional arrangements for the implementation of ANREP, it is expected that an Interministerial Commission on Renewable Energy (ICRE) would be established to oversee the implementation of ANREP in the first term and this entity would develop into an independent decision-making authority on renewable energy sources in the second term.
Nimetada saab vaid selliseid suguv osasid, nagu Anrep, Clodt, Dellwig, Donhoff, Ducker, von der Hoeve, Schwarthof, Vi(e)tinghof(f), voib-olla ka Bremen (selle nime kandjaid oli Liivimaal juba enne samanimeliste orduliikmete Liivimaale tulekut), Berg(e) ehk Berch (vaga tavaline nimi saksa keelealal), Hahn (voib-olla kohalik suguvosa) ja Live (kui allikais seda nime kandvad Liivimaa vasallid pole just moonutatult kirja pandud Lievenid, millisel juhul on nad kohalikku paritolu).
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The initial response of the RV to an acute increase in PVR is to rapidly increase its contractile state (homeometric autoregulation or Anrep effect).
In Eliot's response to the location and cultural life of East Coker Woolf saw a correspondence with her outlook on English society and history, as voiced in her account of walking across the Sussex Downs to Court House Farm, Alciston, the home of Helen Anrep:
and North Bay consulting engineers Anrep Krieg Desilets Gravelle.
50 YEARS AGO: A mosaic floor by Mr Boris Anrep, one of Europe's best-known mosaic artists, will be laid at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery this week.
B-F-H probably stands for "bloody foolish." Baba (Anastasia) was Helen Anrep's daughter.