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G.V., 20th-century Lebanese physiologist in Britain. See: Anrep phenomenon.
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The material includes more than 700 letters between Helen Anrep and other members of the circle, including Vanessa Bell, her sister Virginia Woolf and artist Roger Fry.
Mundes), Tiesenhausenit ja Treidenit; 1 voi 2 Asserit (Asserey ja Asse) ja a 1 Aderkas, Anrep, Berg, Bremen, Buddenbrock, Ermes, Fock, Freytag (von Loringhoven, rittmeister), Greffe, Kuddelen (Kudlin), Ledebuhr (rittmeister), Maydel (hilisem Rootsi kuninglik admiral, Eestimaa ruutelkonnapeamees ja Koluvere linnuselaani valdaja Toennis Maydel), Mekes, Orgies, Ouerdunck, Risbieter, Schulmann, Schulte, Taube, Todwen, Vietinghof, Wachtmeister (rittmeister), Wedberg, Zoege, Ylsen ja voimalik, et veel mone siinkirjutajale tundmatu aadlisuguvosa esindaja.
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Sharing the villa was her sister's husband, von Anrep.
The initial response of the RV to an acute increase in PVR is to rapidly increase its contractile state (homeometric autoregulation or Anrep effect).