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marked deviation from normal. adj., adj anom´alous.
Axenfeld's anomaly a developmental anomaly characterized by a circular opacity of the posterior peripheral cornea, and caused by an irregularly thickened, axially displaced Schwalbe's ring.
congenital anomaly (developmental anomaly) absence, deformity, or excess of body parts as the result of faulty development of the embryo.
Ebstein's anomaly see ebstein's anomaly.
May-Hegglin anomaly a rare dominantly inherited disorder of blood cell morphology, characterized by RNA-containing cytoplasmic inclusions (similar to Döhle bodies) in granulocytes, by large, poorly granulated platelets, and by thrombocytopenia.


Congenital absence of all tissues of the eyes.
Synonym(s): anophthalmos
[G. an- priv. + ophthalmos, eye]


(1) Anophthalmia—congenital lack of one or more eyes.
(2) Anophthalmus—a person who lacks one or more eyes.


, anophthalmos (anof-thalmē-ă, -mŏs)
Congenital absence of all tissues of the eyes.
[G. an- priv. + ophthalmos, eye]

anophthalmos (an´opthal´məs),

n a congenital absence of all tissues of the eyes.

anophthalmia, anophthalmos

a developmental anomaly marked by complete absence of one or both eyes or the presence of rudimentary eyes. Occurs most commonly in pigs and sheep.
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reported that sox2 haplosufficiency is cause of anophthalmos with oesophageal variations and horseshoe kidney in their case report.
Brunquell PJ et al reported a case with x linked bilateral anophthalmos.
reported use of transvaginal ultrasound in the diagnoses of anophthalmos.