A subfamily of the mosquitoes (Culicidae) consisting of several genera, including Anopheles.
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Entomologic surveillance conducted since 1979 has never found any Anophelinae mosquitoes in New Caledonia (3).
The subfamily Anophelinae has three genera and Culicinae has 109 genera, segregated into 11 tribes [58].
Morphological identifications show presence of 8 species belonging to two sub-families: Anophelinae and Culicinae.
A Supplement to the Anophelinae of Africa South of the Sahara (Afrotropical Region).
Larval habitats sampled were previously identified and selected based on the production of the immature anophelinae forms.
Anopheline systematic: Anopheline mosquitoes (Culicidae Anophelinae) are of prime medical importance as human malaria vectors yet their phylogeny is poorly known (Krzywinski et al.
According to Harbach (2007), the subfamily Anophelinae includes 476 formally described species.
Taxonomy and distribution of the anopheline mosquitoes in the state of Veracruz, Mexico (Diptera: Culicidae, Anophelinae).