A subfamily of the mosquitoes (Culicidae) consisting of several genera, including Anopheles.
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A Supplement to the Anophelinae of Africa South of the Sahara (Afrotropical Region).
The most important disease vectors are members of the subfamilies Anophelinae and Culicinae.
Larval habitats sampled were previously identified and selected based on the production of the immature anophelinae forms.
Toward understanding Anophelinae (Diptera Culicidae) phylogeny: insights from nuclear single-copy genes and the weight of evidence.
Key words: Mosquito, Anophelinae, Culicinae, Diptera, Culicidae.
According to Harbach (2007), the subfamily Anophelinae includes 476 formally described species.
La subfamilia Anophelinae tiene especies distribuidas en casi todo el mundo, excepto Micronesia y Polinesia.
Five species belong to Toxorhynchitinae, 21 to Culicinae, and no species of Anophelinae were recorded.
Por otro lado, las proteinas son el componente basico que las larvas de mosquitos metabolizan para su crecimiento y desarrollo y las larvas de Anophelinae son incapaces de acumular a plenitud reservas alimenticias, aunque el alimento sea abundante (Briegel 1990).
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Sistematica Abundancia Subfamlia Genero Especie I II III Anophelinae Anopheles Anopheles 1 0 0 sp.