Anopheles funestus

A·noph·e·les fu·nes·'tus

a species that is an important vector of malaria in Africa.
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Anopheles funestus resistant to pyrethroid insecticides in South Africa.
Emphasis is placed on the need for routine vector surveillance, highlighting the vigilance of the malaria programme in the year 2000 in detecting the re-appearance of Anopheles funestus and its resistance to pyrethroid insecticides after the use of DDT had been stopped.
The primary malaria vectors in Africa, Anopheles gambiae sensu lato and Anopheles funestus, breed primarily in pools of water formed from rainfall.
Recent reduction in the water level of Lake Victoria has created more habitats for Anopheles funestus.
led by Charles Wondji and Hilary Ranson of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, has identified the genetic basis of resistance to common pyrethroid insecticides in the mosquito Anopheles funestus, one of the major malarial vectors in Africa.
A single multiplex assay to identify major malaria vectors within the African Anopheles funestus and the Oriental An.
Observations on Anopheles funestus and Anopheles gambiae in the Transvaal.
Anopheles funestus thrives best in lowland conditions due to higher temperature that enhance its growth and development since this species takes a longer period to emerge (46).
Observations on the swarming and mating behaviour of Anopheles funestus from southern Mozambique.
Molecular systematics and insecticide resistance in the major African malaria vector Anopheles funestus.
Number and total proportion of mosquitoes collected in experimental huts according to their species and bednet type Mosquito species Treatments Control Fendona K-O Interceptor[R] 6SC[R] TAB[R] Anopheles gambiae 210 270 242 241 Anopheles funestus 96 9 15 Anopheles rufipes 10 15 19 19 Culex decens 75 167 128 102 Culex 0 1 1 1 quinquefasciatus Culex nebulosus 11 13 9 12 Other Culex 1 13 25 8 species Aedes aegypti 1 1 2 1 Aedes sp 8 5 9 1 Mansonia uniformis 0 0 1 2 Mosquito species Treatments Proportion (%) PermaNet[R] Interceptor[R] 20 (+) Anopheles gambiae 232 197 58.
Monitoring the operational impact of insecticide usage for malaria control on Anopheles funestus from Mozambique.