Anopheles albimanus

A·noph·e·les al·bim·a·'nus

a species with white hind feet, a common carrier of the malaria parasite in the West Indies and Central America.
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Esta especie se encontro en cohabitacion con Anopheles albimanus Weidemann, 1821 y Culex atratus Theobald, 1901.
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In a small 1999 study by Barnard of the repellency to Aedes aegypti and Anopheles albimanus of various concentrations and combinations of five essential oils (Bourbon geranium, cedarwood, clove, peppermint, and thyme) applied to human skin, thyme and clove oils were found to be the most effective mosquito repellents.
(53) showed that molecular evidence suggests the presence of kdr-type resistance in field-collected Anopheles albimanus associated to mutations on the voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) gene.
Puerto Rico eliminated local malaria transmission during the mid-1950s (2); however, reintroduction remains a risk because of the presence of a competent vector (Anopheles albimanus) and ease of travel to areas where the disease is endemic, including Hispaniola, the island shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and the only island in the Caribbean with endemic malaria (3).
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El vector principal de la malaria en la costa norte y region nor-oriente del Peru es el Anopheles albimanus, que se reproduce en arrozales de inundacion permanente, y como en otros paises, la ocurrencia de la malaria relacionada a la implementacion de sistemas de irrigacion y al cultivo de arroz con riego (Mutero, 2003) por inundacion permanente han recibido atencion especial y se han desarrollado y aplicado intervenciones con diferentes resultados.
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