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The Millennial Tracker is a subset of our Origination Insight Report, which details aggregated, anonymized data pulled from Ellie Mae's Encompass origination platform.
CARE Philippines is solely responsible for the security of the anonymized data with a secure and encrypted Care central database accessible only by Care executives Beatrice Tiangco and Ric Parma.
For the purpose of GDPR and similar privacy legislation, the Hash is "anonymized data" and is immune to data breaches.
The enhancement will allow DEA-registered manufacturers and distributors to view and download the number of distributors and the amount (anonymized data in both grams and dosage units) each distributor sold to a prospective customer in the last available six months of data.
They then took a deep dive into the realities of remediation using anonymized data from a sample of 12 enterprises that were selected to cover a range of industries, sizes, and remediation strategies.
The long-term plans are to sell the platform to manufacturers of standing desks and the anonymized data to insurers.
We obtained this anonymized data from a personal finance website where people track their income, expenses, savings and debt.
What Surecave keeps is the anonymized data to identify trends.
Anagog's technology is implemented in more than 20 million handsets globally and integrated into more than 100 mobile apps, collecting billions of anonymized data points each day.
LIBLAND ensures privacy by including only anonymized data.
He also said he found evidence that Google has the capability to link anonymized data with information from people's Google accounts while they are signed out from their Google accounts or using a private browsing mode -- called "incognito mode" -- on Google's Chrome browser.