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annual reports, the statistical, fiscal, and descriptive yearly reports used to inform a constituency of the status of the institution or organization.
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Of special interest is the new Animated Annual Report which, says Smith, finally offers Investor Relations departments a practical and realistic solution for a video annual report to feed the internet's vast hunger for video.
The Corporate Annual Reports of JSC TATNEFT are published in a common format maintaining the continuity of the report content structure and execution standards that increase the Company's activities transparency and enable to compare the performance indexes and to analyze the dynamics of its development.
As a world-class airline, we could not be more thrilled with the international recognition and the top spot our 2009 annual report has received from the LACP.
As to the absence of controversial policy suggestions in the BIS Annual Report.
Dorman explains that the annual report is the centerpiece for communicating with cooperative members and business partners, both active and estranged.
Companies that want a usable HTML report but don't mind using a standardized template can get an HTML annual report for as little as $3,000.
Quotation from Detroit Police Department, Twenty-Seventh Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police to the Common Council of the City of Detroit, 1891 (Detroit, 1892), 42.
According to Ameritech's general auditor, Bruce Adamec, "the principal reason for including the management report on controls in[our] annual report is to inform investors about the roles management and the Board Audit Committee play in the financial reporting process"
10 Minute Guide to Annual Reports and Prospectuses by Eric P.
offered an excellent example of this approach in its 1998 annual report.
According to the Report Watch analysis, the Electrolux Annual Report 2009 has a "clear-cut overview of product offering, business areas, financial highlights and strategy.

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