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Abbreviation for abdominoperineal resection.
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AP resection

A draconian procedure for adenocarcinoma affecting the distal one-third of the rectum, a site which is too low anatomically to salvage sphincter function. AP resections remove the anus, rectum, part of the sigmoid colon, and regional lymph nodes via incisions in the abdomen and perineum. The remaining sigmoid colon is brought out as a permanent colostomy on the abdominal flank.
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Therefore, we re-ran the statistical analysis on the 1961 to 1991 stumpage price data in SAS to make consistent comparisons to the 1961 to 2002 annual percentage rate change.
The annual percentage rates may well be sky-high, but payday loans are often less expensive than the alternatives: bounced check fees or illegal loan sharks.
Wonga has been criticised for an annual percentage rate of more than 4,000% but it argues that this figure is misleading because credit is extended for a much shorter period of time.
The company has faced accusations that it targets the financially vulnerable with an annual percentage rate as high as 4,000 per cent but argues it is helping meet demand for short-term loans from people shunned by high street banks.
Members of the $2.2 billion First Tech Credit Union will have access to a quarter-point annual percentage rate reduction for green car financing through an alliance with the U.S.
Research found that providers hit customers who use their card to take money out of a cash machine with an average Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 23.48 per cent, up by two percentage points since November.
The research also found that among those applicants who were accepted 17% were not offered the interest rate they applied for, but were instead offered a less competitive APR (annual percentage rate).
High-cost mortgages, defined as loans that originated at an annual percentage rate three points above Treasury rates, had APRs ranging from 7.67% to 8.54% in 2004.
The couple, who have two daughters, took out the credit agreement, which had an annual percentage rate of 34.
In accordance with general financial practice, it is appropriate to fix the recovery interest rate as an annual percentage rate. The volume and frequency of transactions between banks results in an interest rate that is consistently measurable and statistically significant, and should therefore form the basis of the recovery interest rate.
It allows institutions to easily identify and flag high-cost loans before processing, prior to closing or before acquiring them in the secondary market as well as to validate the accuracy of loan program rules, fees and annual percentage rate (APR) calculation.
The NEA National Board Certification Loan, offered by NEA Member Benefits through MBNA America Bank, N.A., is a revolving line of credit with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 7.90 percent.

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