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annual statement,

n the report of an insurer or carrier showing assets and liabilities, receipts and disbursements, and other information for a specified 12-month period (fiscal or calendar year).
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Incorrect consumption figures can lead to customers receiving inaccurate bills, annual statements and other important information.
According to the Chamber's operative director, Elena Milevska-Strbevska, it is very important to draft legislation that will allow for the distribution of the profit made by a holding company's daughter firm in the current year to be recorded in the holding company's annual statement of the same year.
Under fire from the SC for not doing enough to rein in NGOs and voluntary organisations not filing annual statements and indulging in other irregularities, the Centre drafted guidelines saying the errant NGOs will be blacklisted.
The only people who don't know what's in the annual statements are the consumers.
Annual statements can help you better manage finances and avoid excessive interest and charges.
As per the data from the Annual statements received, the highest number of newspapers were published in Hindi (7910), followed by English (1406), Urdu (938), Gujarati (761), Telugu (603), Marathi (521), Bengali (472), Tamil (272), Oriya (245), Kannada (200) and Malayalam (192).
When Smith Hardware needs a loan to make capital improvements or a line of equity to help it through slow times, the bank always accepts the annual statement prepared by the CPA firm but also typically asks for a current cash-flow analysis and a copy of the most recent income tax return.
A new annual statement will detail each household's current energy plan, yearly consumption and predicted bill, any discounts that are available and advice on how to change supplier.
The bill would amend Section 4233 of the Insurance Law to establish that the following information must be reported to the Insurance Department on the Annual Statements of Life Insurers in New York:
Furthermore, companies should not be confined to current market quotations when submitting their annual statements.
med-mal insurers, using annual statements they filed with state insurance departments.

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