Anniversary Reaction

(1) Sudden death related to psychologic trauma that elicits an exaggerated autonomic nervous system response and fatal arrhythmia, inexplicably occurring on the anniversary of the previous event
(2) An emotional response in a person which occurs around the same time every year on the anniversary of a personal loss, which may cause mild to severe depression.
(3) The return of grieving on the anniversary of the loss of a loved one
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I can understand Rosegrant's objection to a seemingly year-long, amorphous dysphoria of 1924 as a 20-year anniversary reaction.
I agree that caution is needed and that is why I have tried to rely on converging lines of evidence: the three signs of childhood trauma plus evidence of anniversary reactions.
Anniversary Reactions and Loss--If you have lost a loved one or friend in years past around the holidays, it is quite possible you will have an "anniversary reaction.
Bunting draws together various pieces of circumstantial evidence, including among others that "thrashings" of children were common at that historical period, that governesses were especially strict and Mabel was a governess, that Tolkien's idealized image of Mabel did not include the "charity and forgiveness" (71) that he learned from Father Francis, and that Tolkien showed ten-year and twenty-year anniversary reactions to the year of Mabel's death.
Your health care team should be prepared to discuss anniversary reactions, and to help you and your family through them.