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Annette Martell: Last year was IABC's time to meet its expectations as a communication organization.
Patti was funny generous and fun to be with, but for many of those years she battled cancer," Annette said.
Monika (Monika Miheller) has doubts about her relationship with Josef (Josef Saterhagen) and uses the news of her friend, Annette (Annette Johnsson), getting married as an excuse to get away.
Annette endures nearly a decade of abuse before she befriends Rhoda, the undertaker's daughter.
When the phone rings Annette leaps into action with a gusto that's contagious.
Annette, aged 29, makes cushions, bags, cards, photo albums, footstools, napkins and greeting cards out of natural linen which she embroiders herself at her studio in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.
The address for mailing checks or actual penny contributions is: The Annette Funicello Research Fund, Fund-Raising Division, P.
Prior to joining DLA Piper, Annette was the inaugural head of an international law firms pro bono practice in Sydney where she helped establish the first law firm flying lawyer service, in rural Australia.
CLAIMS the world's biggest rabbit, Darius, has gone to that great warren in the sky have been dismissed as "hutch ado about nothing" by his owner, 62-year-old glamour model Annette Edwards.
DELIGHTED Annette Harris was PS10,000 richer after finding herself 'boxed in' a top Saturday night TV show.
But 62-year-old Annette Edwards, a former Playboy model, has now established herself as a world-beating bunny girl.
ANNETTE Edgar used to include figures in her paintings as a matter of course - she has a fine portrait of former Celtic FC director Michael Kelly in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery - but in the last few years, she has concentrated on landscapes.