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Common name for members of the phylum Annelida.
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mutisii came from Fuquene Lagoon, confirmed the carnivorous habit of the species (Amaya 1975), since it contained mainly mollusks and annelids and some arthropods (Chironomus spp.
Although this condition appears to represent an evolutionary heterotopic and heterochronic shift compared to the situation encountered in other spiralians, it has recently been suggested that 4d might serve as the organizer in annelids and that the organizer activity of 3D might be continued by its daughter (4d) in Ilyanassa obsoleta (Lambert and Nagy, 2003; Lambert, 2008).
The mitraria larva of oweniid annelids feeds with opposed prototrochal and metatrochal bands of simple cilia (Emlet and Strathmann, 1994).
In the annelid Platynereis dumerilii, the perivitteline space is formed during the cortical reaction by the exocytotic discharge of cortical granules after fertilization, and by microvilli elongation to lift the vitelline envelope and constrict the cell surface into a network of ridges so that the egg surface becomes irregularly bulged (9).
The aims of this study were to evaluate the influence of environmental variables in the density, frequency, diversity and evenness of annelids in an intertidal environment at two beaches of Sao Sebastiao Channel (Engenho d'Agua and Sao Francisco) and to compare to results obtained in previous studies.
Owenia collaris exhibits shared features of development for annelids and protostomes, but also modifications to the stereotypical patterns.
The comparative data in annelids support the hypothesis that the role of Hunchback as an anterior organizing segmentation gene, as described in Drosophila, is a novel trait specific to arthropods and may be restricted further to insects in view of the expression data obtained from non-insect arthropods (Kontarakis et al.
Polychaetous annelids from the coast of Paraiba State, Brazil.
The ichnofossils Taenidium and Helminthoidichnites are often interpreted as burrows produced by annelids and are typical of delta-front paleoenvironments.
Annelids, Coleopteran, Mollusks and small mammals besides Microchiroptera and birds.
Contract awarded for Fotocopias Supply Contract Plans And Annelids