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a phylum of metazoan invertebrates, the segmented worms, including leeches.
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A phylum that includes the segmented or true worms, such as the earthworm.
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the ringed or segmented worms. See ANNELID.
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Eisenia foetida (Savigni, 1826) (Annelida: Lumbricidae) como modelo ecotoxicologico para evaluar lindano y clorpirifos.
Los poliquetos (Annelida: Polychaeta) de la plataforma continental del Golfo de California, Mexico.
Filo Riqueza Valor Abundancia Valor (S) relativo (S) n relativo (n) Mollusca 95 41,48 4094 20,22 Arthropoda 47 20,52 7543 37,26 Annelida 40 17,47 4177 20,63 Echinodermata 15 6,55 2693 13,30 Cnidaria 11 4,80 1565 7,73 Porifera 6 2,62 48 0,24 Bryozoa 5 2,18 31 0,15 Nemertea 5 2,18 60 0,30 Chordata 2 0,87 23 0,11 Sipuncula 2 0,87 8 0,04 Platyhelminthes 1 0,44 1 0,005 Suma 229 100,00 20243 100,00 Tabla 2.
Thus, in spite of the monophyly of Protodrilida, the position of the three families in Annelida is still unresolved.
Arhynchobdellida (Annelida: Oligochaeta: Hirudinida): phylogenetic relationships and evolution.
These black carp consumed taxa not previously reported (Table 1), including freshwater sponges, water mites, three groups of worms (Phyla Nemertea, Nematoda, and Annelida in Class Hirudinea), beetles, springtails, blackfly larvae, and Lepidoptera larvae.
Interestingly, Annelida is the lineage that presents the greatest repertoire of oxygen transport proteins reported to date, possessing all the main superfamily proteins: Hrs, Hbs, Hc As, and HcMs.
The leech is an invertebrate animal belonging to the phylum Annelida, a zoological category that includes more than 15,000 species of segmented bristle worms and 650 species of leeches in the subclass Hirudinea.
PHYLUM/class York river ([dagger]) ANNELIDA Polychaeta Spionidae Capitellidae Nereidae Orbiniidae Glyceridae Ampharetidae Maldanidae Cirratulidae Pectinariidae Phyllodocidae ARTHROPODA Malacostraca Gammaridae Corophiidae Idoteidae Hippolytidae CHORDATA Leptocardii Branchiostomidae MOLLUSCA Gastropoda Retusidae Atyidae Pyramidellidae Bivalvia Tellinidae NEMERTEA Lineidae Phoronida Delaware Bay ([double dagger]) ANNELIDA Polychaeta Nereidae Spionidae Unidentified ARTHROPODA Amphipoda Gammaridae Crustacea Pinnotheridae Gastropoda Nassariidae Others Mixed microbenthos Oyster Bay ([section]) ARTHROPODA Crustacea Panopeidae MOLLUSCA Gastropoda Nassariidae PORIFERA Demospongiae Microcionidae PHYLUM/class Common name Totalno.
Patron de distribucion y listado de especies de las lombrices de tierra (Annelida, Oligochaeta) en Colombia.