Anne Sexton

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A confessional poetess with a multi-addiction disorder—alcohol and benzodiazepines—and tempestuous life-style whose prominence as a feminist heroine and author was partly due to encouragement by her psychotherapist. She committed suicide in 1974 at age 45
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It might be difficult to conceive of Anne Sexton as building
Anne Sexton: The Complete Poems is the source of all the poems I quote except "An Obsessive Combination," which is from Selected Poems of Anne Sexton.
This problem of resisting confession is depicted metaphorically in two poems called "The Operation," one by Anne Sexton and one by W.D.
married--John Davidson, Dimitrie Anghel, Vachel Lindsay, Marina Tsvetayeva, Benjamin Fondane, John Berryman; divorced--Sara Teasdale, Anne Sexton, Ion Stratan; separated--Sylvia Plath; single--Thomas Chatterton, Heinrich von Kleist, Gerard de Nerval, Georg Trakl, Hart Crane, Cesare Pavese, Irina Andone, George Vasilievici.
The title is from a line in a poem by Anne Sexton (1928-1974): 'For John, Who Begs Me Not to Enquire Further,' in which she asserts that the "the worst of anyone can be, finally, an accident of hope." Skorczewski (English, Brandeis U.) relates in chronological order the poet's struggles with mental illness, creativity, and sexuality.
There was John Berryman (Pulitzer 1965, suicide 1972); Anne Sexton (Pulitzer 1967, suicide 1974); Theodore Roethke (Pulitzer 1954, accidental swimming pool drowning 1963).
Here she examines the work of numerous poets--including Anne Sexton, Adrienne Rich, Robert Lowell, and William Carlos Williams, to name but a few--with the aim of identifying the themes and images employed in their abortion poetry.
A Flint inquest heard that Lydia Anne Sexton, who was a heavy smoker,died when she set fire to her bed and she inhaled the toxic smoke.
Moore (The End of the Affair, The Hours, Far from Heaven) has signed on to play Burroughs' mother, a poet "'with delusions of Anne Sexton," in the film adaptation of Running with Scissors.
Then there's the poet Anne Sexton, who I remember being affected by early on, and William Saroyan who wrote The Human Comedy.
Stone quotes from Anne Sexton's "Cinderella" (405-406), which appears in its entirety in the poetry section (325-328).
It is as if one were at a reading where Tennyson listened to Anne Sexton with mystified astonishment, Allen Ginsberg performed for Walt Whitman, and Yeats eavesdropped on W.