Red Yeast Rice

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A rice, with a red-purple hue, resulting from fermentation with the mould Monascus purpureus. The rice is used in the Chinese kitchen primarily for its colour, the subtle differences in taste are generally lost on the average palate
Alternative—Chinese medicine Red yeast rice was first used in the Tang Dynasty in 800 A.D. to invigorate the body, aid in digestion, and remove 'blood blockages'
Cardiology Red yeast rice contains significant amounts of lovastatin, which reduces total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. Other health benefits in red yeast rice—based on recent mainstream medical literature—include reduced cardiovascular events and mortality in diabetes
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Minister Anka also called on NIDOG to take other Nigerian associations along so that it could effectively represent all Nigerians in Germany.
Paul would be humbled by the request, but unsure of the song he could write for Sinatra, as Anka was 26 years old at the time and putting out pop-love tunes.
berghei ANKA. Mice were sacrificed 9 days after infection; the absence of ovaries was confirmed by visual inspection.
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Now, weighing less than five stones and at full term (Anka had luckily been given baggy clothes which hid her pregnancy), they arrived at the most notorious death camp of Mauthausen, where she was thrown onto a farmer's cart on top of the sick, diseased and dying.
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