anion exchanger

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an·i·on ex·chang·er

(an'ī-on eks-chānj'ĕr),
An insoluble solid, usually a polystyrene or a polysaccharide, with cation groups (for example, -NR3+ or -NR2H+), which can attract and hold anions that pass by in a moving solution in exchange for anions previously held.
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Over time, many attempts have been made to find cheap and effective anion exchangers based on agricultural residues [2, 5].
* There is a possible interaction between reactive oxygen species and anion exchanger in HPV by a mechanism partly linked to NO production.
It is not easy to dope CuO particles within the matrix of anion exchanger because the precursor of such particles, that is, [Cu.sup.2+] ions, cannot be ion exchanged onto an anion exchanger.
Capacity of the SAX Cartridge: In the cartridge format, the largest capacity available with the strong anion exchanger is 600 mg of SAX resin, containing 900 [micro] Moles of quarternary amines.
Molecular and cellular biology of the erythrocyte anion exchanger (AE1).
The HiTrap Q beads consisted of 6% highly cross-linked spherical agarose with [-N.sup.+][(C[H.sub.3]).sub.3] charged groups and functioned as strong anion exchangers. Mean particle size was 34
D301R anion exchanger resin contains slightly alkaline amino functional groups.
Preparation of the anion exchanger involved [OH.sup.-] substitution using 1 mol/ml NaOH.
One of two generic adsorption processes typically is used for DNA isolation following the partial purification mentioned above: (a) hydrogen-bonding interaction under chaotropic conditions to an underivatized hydrophilic matrix, typically silica (4, 5), or (b) ionic interaction under aqueous conditions to an anion exchanger.
Use of IC-Ag and Sep-Pak Accell Plus QMA Anion Exchanger Column.