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As an example, Animalia has mentioned a mosquito repellant, which STTV required to be tested to find out how toxic it was despite the fact that the product had already been approved for the Swedish and United Kingdom markets.
ita etiam ea quae tantum vivunt, ut plantae, sunt communiter propter omnia animalia, et animalia sunt propter hominem.
According to rhetorical theory, enumeration helps effect visual immediacy or enargeia - the goal of ecphrasis.(49) So Ovid catalogs bodies of fresh water (springs, swamps, lakes, and rivers, 38-43), terrestrial formations (plains, valleys, forests, and mountains, 43-44), meteorological phenomena (fog, clouds, thunder, lightning, and winds, 54-66), and the animalia that inhabit each region (72-75).
Alice's brief appearance gains more resonance toward the exhibition's conclusion, when viewers enter Walter Potter's extraordinary world of Victorian animalia. Potter twisted taxidermied animals into absurd anthropomorphic scenarios: In Athletic Toads, ca.
If Gooligulch was the blooming then the launch of Animalia was the season of growth.
As Case noted, attempted reconciliation of five Kingdoms (Bacteria, Protoctists, Animals, Plants, Fungi) with three Domains (Bacteria, Archaea, Eucarya) resulted in a "compromise" of six kingdoms (Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia)--an outcome that does not fully represent the intent of either the five-kingdom or three-domain system.
Animalia: The Land Where Literacy Lives, Volume 1 collects ten episodes of Animalia, a marvelous computer animated DVD series designed to help teach literacy to elementary school children.
Ford, a recipient of three Jim Henson Foundation grants, designs and animates through his voice and story-telling abilities a legion of creatures including wolves, whales, dolphins and butterflies in his show Animalia, Jan.
Organisers want folk to dress up as Animalia and Billy-Bob rednecks on July 25 and 26.