animal force

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an·i·mal force

obsolete term for muscular power.
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Yet behind this vigor and animal force lies a large fund of pity and loving-kindness, the primary motive for his poetry.
For Brienza, conatus is "point of conversion" between animal forces, human forces, and the cultivated force of law; it is then the nexus of action and thought that appears at the cusp of new social formations.
But I don't think there can be many other sports where an animal forces everything to change."
In photographs like Animal Forces, Finnemore offers a collection of kitsch animal ornaments lined up on an old sideboard surrounded by peeling wallpaper and crumbling plaster.
In the homeowners policy the earth movement exclusion specifically states that it applies to damage "caused by or resulting from human or animal forces or any act of nature (emphasis added) ..." That wording does not appear in the State Farm policy.
Here he pursues initiation as a ceremonial healer with Choctaw medicine woman Mary Gardener, studying plant and animal forces and human energy manipulation for three years.