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Other requirements of this second path include: demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the literature, scientific principles, and principles of animal behavior; submitting original contributions or original interpretations of animal behavior information; showing evidence of significant experience working interactively with a particular species as a researcher, research assistant, or intern with a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist prior to working independently with the species in a clinical animal behavior setting; attending and presenting a contributed talk or poster at an ABS Annual meeting prior to applying for certification; and meeting all the requirements for an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (see next).
The Animal Behavior Society recognizes children's books that portray animal behavior in an "accurate and compelling" manner (http:// www.
Determining the cause of an animal behavior problem involves an analysis of the pet, the pet's environment and the interactions between the pet and the family.
This wide-ranging book discusses many aspects of animal behavior, care, training and intelligence.
Although many conservation projects involve animal behavior in a trivial way, such as passing references to food preferences or home range, most do not use the full body of theory available (Sutherland and Gosling 2000).
In developing her stories, she gives us thoughtful lessons in scientific reasoning, experimentation and the development of hypotheses and analyses as well as animal behavior and evolutionary biology.
He provides remarkable insights into animal behavior, bringing to vivid life the creatures we can still see fleetingly in our last wild places.
The owner produced a series of witnesses in opposition, including two tenants, a resident superintendent and a building porter, all of whom gave sworn testimony as to the tenant's inability to control the dogs in the public hallways and lobby, the dogs' aggressive conduct and the detrimental impact that this uncontrolled animal behavior had upon the building's residents and employees.
From homophobic people saying there is no such thing as homosexuality in animals to Konrad Lorenz's famous research into territorial aggression, animal behavior has been used to show the limits of human sexual behavior and liberation," Bronski says.
His On Aggression (1966) aroused considerable controversy by virtue of his contention that aggressive behavior is innate and for his comparisons of human and animal behavior.
Veterinarians and others mark the 50th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology, held in Edinburgh, by tracing the scientific study of animal behavior during the half century.

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