Rayleigh criterion

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criterion, Rayleigh 

Observation first made by Rayleigh that the images of two point objects will be resolved when the central maximum in the diffraction pattern of one image coincides with the first minimum of the diffraction pattern of the other image. For a perfect eye, with a 2 mm pupil, this criterion corresponds to a theoretical tolerance in focusing equal to about 0.075 D. See Airy's disc; diffraction; limit of resolution.
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It combines angles of view and angular resolution of a system, that is it comprehensively characterises the electrooptical system.
Averaged velocity values resolved over different angular (temporal) resolutions revealed that both the axial mean and rms velocities remained unchanged for an angular resolution of up to 2[degrees].
This array would produce the angular resolution required to create sharp images of radio sources.
Scanning the heavens in great circles that pass through the north and south ecliptic poles, the German-built X-ray telescope imaged much fainter objects and achieved an angular resolution three times greater than the orbiting Einstein Observatory, which conducted a smaller X-ray imaging survey in 1979.
amp; MONTREAL -- Excelitas Technologies, a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized optoelectronics to OEMs seeking high-performance technology solutions, announced today that it has completed its investment in state-of-the-art automation to significantly expand manufacturing capacity of its HARLID(TM) (High Angular Resolution Laser Irradiance Detector) used in cutting-edge Laser Warning Receiver Systems for ground vehicles, naval vessels, fixed or rotary wing aircraft, and static perimeter facilities.
The instrument is sensitive to fl uxes of a few thousands of that of the Crab nebula, has a wide field of view (5 deg), sub-degree angular resolution (< 0.
This image is the highest angular resolution at these infrared wavelengths of a region where massive stars are forming.
Goodman says this pooling of detectors should improve the angular resolution of CYGNUS' scintillators, helping to better pinpoint the direction of cosmic gamma sources.
High Angular Resolution Laser Irradiance Detector (HARLID(TM)) - designed for use in Laser Warning Receivers to detect and provide angle-of-arrival information for incident laser pulses from range finders and target designators and active laser E.
A PrE-fgetriebegehEnuse for receiving a tooth and incremental rotary encoders with very high angular resolution for detecting load-dependent rotational errors in the teeth;
To achieve that angular resolution in a single telescope, it would have to be 130 meters in diameter.