angular aperture

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an·gu·lar ap·er·ture

the angle, in air, of light that passes from the object to the ends of the diameter of the front lens of the microscope objective.
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Zemax: Optical design software by ray tracing [theta]: Field of view or total angular aperture of the CPC (as secondary collector).
Consequently, if the synthetics channel location gives an overlap of the main lobes we could reduce the angular aperture using the signal levels in neighboring channels.
With lenses of the largest possible angular aperture, in media with the highest possible refractive index, the Abbe equation limits optical resolution to about 200 nm.
In laboratory diffractometers the angular aperture [DELTA] is typically [approximately equal to]0.1[degrees].
Only four profile shape parameters were refined and these were the absorption coefficient [mu], the receiving slit width [w.sub.r], the angular aperture of the incident beam Soller slits [[DELTA].sub.I] and the apparent crystallite size [].
The frequency band of the following examples at X band from 8 ~ 12 GHz, with 401 frequency sampling points, the angular aperture is [theta] = 0[degrees] to 360[degrees] with 361 angular steps.