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an island off the north-west coast of Wales.
Anglesey leg - first prosthetic wooden leg, designed for Henry William Paget, first marquis of Anglesey, 1768-1854.
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Deputy Minister Ken Skates welcomed the news as a significant step for the Lateral Power Project at the Anglesey Aluminium site.
Catherine and I look forward to returning again and again over the coming years with our family," Prince William ( said during Anglesey Show, which he attended alone, in August.
The court was told that on the morning of the match Anglesey had learned of the death of his grandfather and had started drinking heavily.
The public and key stakeholders have now been invited to have their say on a wide-ranging draft North Anglesey Economic Regeneration Plan.
There are signs that Anglesey Council may be thinking along similar interventionist lines with the 'Energy Island' concept, which has a strategic vision for Anglesey as providing a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy sources including wind and wave, a second nuclear power plant and biomass.
"I am particularly pleased that the scheme has helped support the construction of business units on Bryn Cefni Industrial Estate and an extension to the Anglesey Business Centre, helping local businesses to grow and providing welcome job opportunities.
A spokesman said: "Tourism has always been an important part of the Anglesey economy and it supports many local jobs and businesses.
Affectionately known as the 'Mother of Wales', due in part to the gentle climate and the fruitful soil, Anglesey enables growers to produce an exciting range of excellent quality products, whilst the Menai Straits provide the perfect breeding ground for exquisite tasting oysters - all on show this weekend.
He added: "It demonstrates what can be achieved to bring jobs and prosperity to Anglesey by creating a vibrant hub for commerce and tourism."
The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and them subsequently moving to their first marital home on Anglesey, put the island in the spotlight - exposing its beauty to the world.