Arnaldo, Italian ophthalmologist, 1854-1934. See: Angelucci syndrome.
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Angelucci et al [5] indican que ratas administradas con cafeina incrementan su conducta exploratoria en un campo abierto; sin embargo, mediante una prueba de campo abierto, se encontro que la suplementacion de la dieta con cafeina no tuvo efecto sobre las actividades locomotoras y exploratorias de ratas, es decir, la mejora en el rendimiento cognitivo de los animales por la ingestion de cafeina no se acompano por un aumento de las funciones motoras y sensoriales [22].
See in particular the somewhat jocular but heartfelt tribute by Gianfranco Angelucci, good friend of both Federico Fellini and Peter, in which he recounts how Fellini introduced Peter to him, "La scomparsa di Peter Bondanella" (1943-2017) ( 2017/06/la-scomparsa-di-peter-bondanella-1943-2017/), and Gino Moliterno's marvelous obituary which remembers Peter's career, including his stay in Australia as a Fellow at the National Humanities Research Centre, "Addio a Peter Bondanella (1943-2017)" (https://
Furthermore, the exposure to music during perinatal or postnatal period enhanced neurogenesis in the hippocampus (Angelucci, Fiore, et al., 2007, Angelucci, Ricci, Padua, Sabino, & Tonali, 2007; Chikahisa et al., 2006, 2007; Kim et al., 2006; Marzban et al., 2011; Rauscher, Robinson, & Jens, 1998; Xu, Yu, Cai, Zhang, & Sun, 2009); it is effective antagonizing the adverse effect of stress on immune system and cancer development (Nunez et al., 2002) and music protects memory against callosal lesions (Amagdei, Baltes, Avram, & Miu, 2010).
The choice for this location was determined not only by its invisibility in the surrounding landscape, but also by its proximity to the Boco Valley (Angelucci et al., 2004), which would have been exploited by the farming group established at Penedo dos Mouros (Fig.
Sileri P, Franceschilli L, de Luca E, Lazzaro S, Angelucci GP, Fiaschetti V, et al.
There will be presentations on the various branches of the extensive family tree, photographs and stories including an unsolved murder, the early Bianchis - who lived in and around Newcastle, Wallsend and South Shields - and speeches by guest speakers, one of whom will be Armando Angelucci, the ex-Honorary Consul of Italy in Newcastle.
The recognition that current ways of living make people ill is crucial, although this is a quite new discussion in many fields of sciences (Angelucci, 2013).
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