Arnaldo, Italian ophthalmologist, 1854-1934. See: Angelucci syndrome.
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The agents claim Lolli, along with company COO Carlos Angelucci, franchisee Raymond Ruiz and others engaged in illegal acts of fraud, predatory lending and regulatory violations.
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See in particular the somewhat jocular but heartfelt tribute by Gianfranco Angelucci, good friend of both Federico Fellini and Peter, in which he recounts how Fellini introduced Peter to him, "La scomparsa di Peter Bondanella" (1943-2017) (https://www.
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In addition to Saca, Cardoza, and others, Melendez had Nicola Angelucci arrested in September.
Con dos maestros ebanistas a su mando, muchas pruebas y entusiasmo Giovanni Angelucci inicio un largo camino por conseguir apoyos de universidades como la Autonoma de Queretaro o el IPN, mas la Secretaria de Economia, para per feccionar los aviones europeos que esta a punto de ofrecer a sus maravillados clientes.
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There will be presentations on the various branches of the extensive family tree, photographs and stories including an unsolved murder, the early Bianchis - who lived in and around Newcastle, Wallsend and South Shields - and speeches by guest speakers, one of whom will be Armando Angelucci, the ex-Honorary Consul of Italy in Newcastle.
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