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Angelo, Italian physiologist, 1846-1910.
Mosso ergograph - an instrument used to obtain a graphic record of flexion of a finger, hand, or arm.
Mosso sphygmomanometer - an apparatus for measuring the blood pressure in the digital arteries.
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The mid-to-late-19th-century Italian scientist Angelo Mosso took an autobiographical approach to physiology, employing a range of instruments to measure his own bodily changes.
That fact may be surprising, but it isn't new: In the 1880s, Italian scientist Angelo Mosso built an intricate full body balance and reported that mental activity tips the scales.
Caption: In the 1880s, Angelo Mosso used the human circulation balance illustrated here to measure the movement of blood to the brain during taxing mental tasks such as reading a math manual.
It makes due mention of Paul Broca and the less-well-known Angelo Mosso (who discovered back in the 19th century that blood flow increases to activated areas of the brain), of the conflict between holistic theories (which claim that all of the brain is used in every cognitive process) and modular theories (which associate different cognitive processes with different brain areas), and of the eventual exploitation of Mosso's discoveries towards the development of today's functional brain imaging technologies.
Primera aproximacion", nos propone adentrarnos en la figura y las ideas del fisiologo Angelo Mosso, quien constituira una teorica de la Educacion Fisica en confrontacion con las corrientes militar y pedagogica, representadas por Obermann y Baumann respectivamernte.
In an 1896 article on the benefits of physical education Angelo Mosso wrote that