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An Alaskan Eskimo native healer or shaman who is thought to have special abilities, including the power to influence weather, cure the sick, and predict future events
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A band was usually led by an angakok (shaman)"; his prestige depended on the effectiveness of his spells in dealing with hunting success and curing sickness (78).
Kilda Mailboat," "Ronay of the Sorrows," "The Last Angakok," or "In the Westfjords of Iceland." Some of his wanderings are imaginary, as with a hallucinatory visit from the now-extinct Beothuck Indians of Newfoundland, where ghostly presences attend his solitary campfire, their very beings arising from the flora and detritus of the place: "Their eyes are crowberries squeezed into the swartness of their lost archaic faces.
And shamans require certain specific skills, which are symbolized in the old underworld stories by the golden bough, the caduceus, the lyre, the magic flute, the shamanic drum, the spirit-doctor's rattle, or the mask of the angakok. The talismans refer to the ancient techniques of the arts - melodic structure, poetic meter, dramatic mimesis, pattern design, storytelling.