blighted ovum

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blight·ed o·vum

a zygote the development of which has ceased at an early stage.
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An ovum with arrested development, which may appear as a fluid-filled sac with amorphous embryonic rests. Blighted ova are typical of grossly abnormal or anembryonic pregnancy and may occur in a background of inevitable spontaneous abortion
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Schreiber, M.D., M.P.H., from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues randomized 300 women who had an anembryonic gestation or in whom embryonic or fetal death was confirmed to receive pretreatment with mifepristone, administered orally followed by misoprostol administered vaginally, or to misoprostol alone administered vaginally.
8 cases of Anembryonic gestation and 12 cases of complete abortion were purely a sonographic diagnosis.
Expectant management is usually more efficacious for women with an incomplete abortion than for women with anembryonic gestation or embryonic demise.
For example, women who have had a missed abortion (embryonic demise or anembryonic gestation) are less likely to complete with expectant management than women with an in complete abortion.
In a 2004 NIH pilot trial of vaginal misoprostol for anembryonic gestation and fetal/embryonic demise, a single application (repeated if necessary, after 48 hours) was successful (expulsion by 1 week, without the need for D & C) in 94% of 51 cases of embryonic/fetal demise, and in 69% of 29 anembryonic gestations.
Expulsion was most likely to be complete by day 3 among the 30 women who had had incomplete or inevitable abortion, a pattern that held on day 8, when 93% in this group had successfully expelled the products of conception, compared with 87% of the 281 women with embryonic or fetal demise and 81% of the 177 women with anembryonic gestation.