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We've seen a significant spike in the submission of Android apps on GetJar, so we are quite pleased that Rovio, developers of the smoking hot game Angry Birds, has come to us to offer the first full Android version of the game to our millions of consumers," said Patrick Mork, CMO at GetJar.
Full Android version of Angry Birds first on GetJar
A couple of examples include Amazon adding certain features when it ported over the Android version of its Kindle app, and eBay is adding support for push notifications to the original Android app it ported to BlackBerry 10.
0 L will likely follow the release date pattern of previous Android versions such as Android KitKat released on October 31 2013, Android 4.
Owners of the HTC One M7 and One M8 may not have to wait too long just to get the newest Android version 'L'.
Facebook has released an update for the Android version of the Messenger application.
Former stable Android versions, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, begin to slip down in the Android pie chart, according to the latest report from Google of Android version distribution numbers.
Tap the section that says Android Version four times in rapid succession and then hold down the big red Jelly Bean to see a screen full of floating jelly beans.
We accept that Mobile Office isn't as fun as iTunes, but if Microsoft can throw in iOS and Android versions of Xbox Music - providing Apple and Google will allow it - then we can see some momentum being made.
4 Kitkat) has played a major part in the success and the worldwide adoption of the Android version.
The latest Android version is likely to grow more in next few months with more new devices.