Thomas, Andre Antoine Henri

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André Antoine Henri, French neurologist, 1867-1963.
André Thomas sign - pinching tapezius muscle causes piloerection cephalad to spinal cord lesion.
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Brandi Grissom's reporting on criminal justice and mental health led to Trouble in Mind, a six-part series on Andre Thomas.
Assistants: Josh Ayantola, Dan Glennon, Rob Sargent, Andre Thomas, Matt Thompson, Mike Tolman.
Old House Athletic booked their place in the semi-finals of the JimWalsh Cup thanks to a hat-trick from Andre Thomas.
Lawyers for Andre Thomas, 25, say his gruesome selfmutilation proves he is insane and that he should never have been condemned to death.
They rehearsed for three days before the performance, which was under the direction of Andre Thomas, an internationally renowned choral expert, conductor and composer.
I met Andre Thomas, a staff member at ISLES, who had a similar experience with the prison system and had gotten over it.
Her husband Andre Thomas accepted paternity but died two years later.
Featured teachers: Helmuth Rilling, Thomas Somerville, Anton Armstrong and Andre Thomas.
Renowned American choral judge Dr Andre Thomas says you won't find better choral singing anywhere else in the world.
Juan Walker and Andre Thomas, principals of Troy Walk Realty and Development Inc.
It examines the case of Andre Thomas, a death row inmate who began exhibiting signs of mental illness as a boy and committed a brutal triple murder in 2004.
Assistants: Mark Mason, Tim Messier, Rob Sargent, Andre Thomas, Mike Tolman.