Andral's decubitus

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 [de-ku´bĭ-tus] (pl. decu´bitus) (L.)
1. the act of lying down.
2. the position assumed in lying down.
3. obsolete term for pressure ulcer. adj., adj decu´bital.
Andral's decubitus decubitus on the affected side, a position assumed in the early stages of pleurisy.
dorsal decubitus lying on the back.
lateral decubitus lying on one side, designated right lateral decubitus when the subject lies on the right side and left lateral decubitus when on the left side.
ventral decubitus lying on the stomach.
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Andral’s decubitus

An obsolete term that formerly dignified a position allegedly assumed by patients with early pleuritis, as described by G Andral (1797–1876).
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