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Dorothy Hansine, U.S. pediatrician, 1901-1963. See: Andersen disease.
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None of us can ever know how Andersen would have fared "without the criminal verdict.
Harald Scharff, a dancer at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, was famous for his "thick sensuous lips"; Andersen describes him as a flitting butterfly.
Andersen offers a spoof of the "Rose Adagio" and a witty send-up of Petipa princes.
Andersen might have cited the razing of the old Nickodell's outside the gates of Paramount, the metastasis of strip malls all over the city, the simulacrum effect of the cleaned-up Hollywood Boulevard, the mall-ification of the once blessedly fallow real estate around the now-shrunken Farmer's Market, and the transformation of so many of the city's quiddities into Disneyfied tourist traps; alternatively, he could have highlighted the venerable landmarks that remain--like Boardner's bar, Musso & Frank's, H.
Napolitano said she also is asking the mediator in the settlement agreement to declare Andersen's actions in bad faith, seeking the sequestering of insurance proceeds and other Andersen assets to ensure money is available for BFA's 11,000 stakeholders, and seeking the "administrative equivalent of a death penalty" for Andersen by asking the state Board of Accountancy to revoke the firm's registration.
Robert Bennett, a Washington attorney representing Enron, told The Washington Post that a week after that meeting, Andersen met with Enron's audit committee and never raised these concerns.
Whether the shareholders vote in favor of keeping Andersen as their auditors may be determined by the court proceedings that are just starting to percolate.
Unsurprisingly then, Andersen Consulting now wants to take control of its own destiny rather than helping its less profitable forbear take away business.
This agreement demonstrates Andersen Consulting's willingness to partner with clients to help them achieve success in today's ever-changing marketplace," said Steve Racioppo, managing partner-Financial Services, New Business Models at Andersen Consulting.
Robert Laurier, FCA, currently managing partner of Arthur Andersen's operations in Quebec, will continue as managing partner of the Arthur Andersen office in Montreal.
As a seven-year-old, Andersen enrolled at the RDBS and met his future wife, Eva Kloborg, there.
In arguments before the state supreme court, the plaintiffs said that, to their detriment, (1) they had relied on inaccurate financial reports certified by Andersen, (2) Andersen was aware the bank's annual reports were directed to shareholders and (3) the purpose of disseminating the annual report was to communicate to shareholders the corporation's financial condition.