Carolus Samuel, German anatomist, 1732-1777. See: Andersch ganglion, Andersch nerve.
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The Andersch and Milsom scale was used to determine dysmenorrhea severity.
(67.2 %) [10] among adolescent girls, Sharma and Gupta (67%) [11] in school of Dharan, Sundell [12], and Milsom (67%) among young women born in 1962, Andersch among urban Swedish population of adolescent girls (67%) [13], Harlow and Park (71.6%) [14] among 165 women aged 17-19 years entering a local university in 1985.
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Later, after the death of his father we see Kant accepting private teaching positions respectively with Pastor Andersch, and a Prussian Knight, von Hulsen and it appears that as a private tutor Kant was well respected and socially accepted by his employers.
Se dice que Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777), medico suizo, empleo por primera vez el nombre de glosofaringeo para referirse al noveno nervio craneal, mientras que Karl Samuel Andersch (1732-1777), alumno de Haller, lo independizo de los otros nervios (Plaza-Rivas).
All these homogenates were centrifuged at 4oC in refrigerated centrifuge to obtain clear supernatants which were later on used for the estimation of various enzyme activities like acid phosphatase (AcP) according to Andersch and Szcypinski (1947), alkaline phosphatase (AkP) according to Bessey et al.