Carolus Samuel, German anatomist, 1732-1777. See: Andersch ganglion, Andersch nerve.
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So for example, in the chapter on Sebalds controversial aesthetic and moral demolition of Alfred Andersch, Schutte argues for the pivotal role of Sebalds essay in opening up questions to which previous critics had been more or less willfully blind, while also noting that it can be seen as part of a more general questioning of the status and biographies of the post-war authors associated with the Gruppe 47.
2 %) [10] among adolescent girls, Sharma and Gupta (67%) [11] in school of Dharan, Sundell [12], and Milsom (67%) among young women born in 1962, Andersch among urban Swedish population of adolescent girls (67%) [13], Harlow and Park (71.
Abu-Darwish (f), Kai Andersch (g), Gladys Alexie (h), Dawn Bessarab (i), Dipita Bhakta-Guha (j), Vanderlan Bolzani (k), Else Dapat (l), Fedor V.
Later, after the death of his father we see Kant accepting private teaching positions respectively with Pastor Andersch, and a Prussian Knight, von Hulsen and it appears that as a private tutor Kant was well respected and socially accepted by his employers.
All these homogenates were centrifuged at 4oC in refrigerated centrifuge to obtain clear supernatants which were later on used for the estimation of various enzyme activities like acid phosphatase (AcP) according to Andersch and Szcypinski (1947), alkaline phosphatase (AkP) according to Bessey et al.
1) The best-known instance of Sebald's argument in this vein is his attack on Alfred Andersch in "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: On Alfred Andersch" (On the Natural History of Destruction 105-142).
At any rate, it is clear that Celan had contributed to her inner unrest by a suggestion in another letter (from which we only have a rough copy, the actual letter was burnt) that an author like Alfred Andersch was after him.
Prevalencia de dismenorrea de acuerdo con diferentes estudios Ano Autor n Poblacion Prevalencia de dismenorrea 2007 Ortiz 285 Mexico, adolescentes 67% media 20,6 anos 2000 Banikarim 706 USA, adolescentes 85% hispanas 1999 Hillen 235 Australia, adolescentes 80% de 11-12 grado 1998 Gurel 235 Turquia, 18-56 anos 57% 1992 Ng, Tan 415 Singapur, 15-54 anos 51,3% 1988 Pullon 1826 Nueva Zelanda, 16-54 anos 53% 1982 Andersch 596 Suiza, 19 anos 72.
Luftkrieg und Literatur: mit einem Essay zu Alfred Andersch.
Sundell G, Milsom I and Andersch B, Factors influencing the prevalence and severity of dysmenorrhoea in young women, BJOG, 1990, 97(7):588-594.