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mountains in Peru.
Andes disease - chronic altitude sickness.
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More than half the projects would, for the first time, interrupt the flow of water between the Andean mountains and the lowland Amazon, altering river habitats for thousands of miles downstream.
The last year or so, we have worked a lot in Peru, both the Andean mountains and last fall we went to support indigenous Peruvian people living along the Amazon River.
Reinhard (explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society) has conducted research from the Andes to the Alps to the Himalayas; among his discoveries are well-preserved Inca burial sites in the Andean mountains, including "Ice Maiden" in 1995.
Wedged between a sheer, verdant mountainside and the Urubamba, Aguas Calientes is the closest access point to the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu located some 2,400 metres up in the Andean mountains.
During the expedition, the group will walk for six hours per day for five days, trekking through the untouched Lares region, over high mountain passes, green valleys, past mountain lakes and breathtaking views of snow-capped Andean mountains.
In June 2008 the firm agreed terms of a Joint Venture agreement with Gold Fields Limited, one of the world's largest private producers of gold, over the La Falda project in the Andean mountains.
This sun-drenched valley, formed by the Andean mountains and the coastal mountain range, is fed pure waters from the Aconcagua Mountain.
So, although today we tend to think of camels as denizens of African and Asian deserts or the Andean mountains, for the first 36 million years of their existence, they were found only in North America.
AN AID worker from Mold is to help deprived native families in the Andean mountains of Bolivia.
Available on the beautiful vistas of the Andean mountains, a well-maintained apartment located on the seventh floor of a ten-storey building.
Peris (1992) incorrectly indicated rain forest of Neotropical region as habitat, actually species distribution is restricted to Neotropical Andean mountains forest up to 2500 meter above level sea (Fig.
Shad joined a group of 17 walkers aged from 24 to 52 to complete the five day Inca Trail through the high Andean mountains of Peru.