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mountains in Peru.
Andes disease - chronic altitude sickness.
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After being found, the Andean condor was delivered in temporary custody by the ATFFS Sierra Central to the Huancayo Municipal Zoo, where it was placed under observation in an isolated environment to avoid the risk of contagion of possible diseases and facilitate its feeding and rehydration under free conditions.
Andean Tower Partners was founded by Digital Bridge Holdings LLC.
Buying quinoa from small farms in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru, Andean Naturals distributes it throughout North America.
The Andean Community (AC) is a mainly state-led regionalist project that has been built on significant assumptions of collective identity amongst Andean countries (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and, until recently, Venezuela (1)).
Successful efforts to instruct neophytes began around 1550 when large bultos from Spain arrived in Andean cities to populate new Christian churches with "naturalistic, polychrome images of Christian deities" (p.
Mumford says that "Toledo loudly called for transforming the Andean way of organizing space, in the broad outlines, while quietly preserving it in the details" (116).
During the Palaeozoic, the area of the present Andean Ranges and Antarctic Peninsula constituted one of the margins of Gondwana Continent, where a series of orogenic events controlled by the accretion of diverse lithospheric fragments occurred.
Through an examination of the legal archives of colonial Andean society, O'Toole points to many instances in which "Andeans defended their land or labor" position under the system of Spanish coerced labor "by presenting themselves as [defenseless] Indians and invoking Africans as dangerous, regardless of their everyday amicable relations, in colonial courts" (160).
He said some of the poorest Andean indigenous smallholders have "already benefitted greatly from rising prices with the growing popularity of Quinoa in export markets," but warned that "as prices rise along with export demand, the poor risk being excluded from their staple grain in local markets in favour of cheaper, less nutritious processed food.
Since the 1970s, the Andean glaciers have shrunk from between 30 and 50 percent due in large part to an increase in average temperature by 0.
17 December 2012 -- According to US ratings agency Fitch Ratings banks in the Andean region of South America are well-positioned to meet the challenges expected in the New Year.
A well-worn female Andean hand stretches itself out over the mound of potatoes she sells in the marketplace.