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Andalusian, Andalucian

breeds of animals named after the Spanish province of Andalusia.

Andalusian ass
gray donkey, origin of American and other ass breeds.
Andalusian cattle
three varieties, a dark, black-brown, a yellow, and gray, of meat and draft cattle, with open lyre horns, bred in southern Spain.
Andalusian horse
Spanish breed of light horse originating from Arab and Barb. Brown, gray or black, about 15.2 hands high. Origin of many breeds of horses and of criollo and mustang.
Enlarge picture
Andalusian horse. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
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You would only knock on the floor,' objected Annette.
Within the space of an hour and a quarter Annette had learned that the young man's name was Alan Beverley
Though she invariably listened with a sweet patience which encouraged them to continue long after the point at which she had begun in spirit to throw things at them, Annette had no sympathy with men who whined.
There was about a teaspoonful of grey matter distributed among the entire squad, and the pupil Annette had been teaching that afternoon had come in at the tail-end of the division.
He dropped the duster with a startled exclamation, for Annette had suddenly burst into a flood of tears.
When Annette, meek, penitent, with all her claws sheathed, came to him and grovelled, he forgave her with a repulsive magnanimity which in a less subdued mood would have stung her to renewed pugnacity.
The good humour with which he received it amazed Annette.
To me,' said Beverley, when informed of the event by Annette, 'the matter has a deeper significance.
Whenever Annette came to his studio he was either sitting in a chair with his feet on the window-sill, smoking, or in the same attitude listening to Sellers' views on art.
Because,' said Annette, 'unfortunately, I had to pay the expenses of publication.
Annette spoke of my life being in some way insured.
Only since we are here I propose that we test the cooking of the good Annette.