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Andalusian, Andalucian

breeds of animals named after the Spanish province of Andalusia.

Andalusian ass
gray donkey, origin of American and other ass breeds.
Andalusian cattle
three varieties, a dark, black-brown, a yellow, and gray, of meat and draft cattle, with open lyre horns, bred in southern Spain.
Andalusian horse
Spanish breed of light horse originating from Arab and Barb. Brown, gray or black, about 15.2 hands high. Origin of many breeds of horses and of criollo and mustang.
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Andalusian horse. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
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The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse, an Albuquerque-based group dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the Andalusian horse throughout the United States and Canada
LaVerne, a retired Andalusian horse trainer and third-generation Californian, grew up on a ranch in Northern California and now wishes she had been more interested in astronomy when she was younger and could have seen the stars without interference from city lights.
Animal Actors - The 2008 State Fair will showcase a number of animal actors, including Blanco, the white Andalusian horse known for his role as Gandalf's horse Shadowfax in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
A native of South Carolina, Ms Nightingale bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses for thirteen years before turning to writing.
Readers may remember the name from a visit to Bahrain back in March 2012, where the stables performed their famous show eIHow the Andalusian Horses DanceeIU.
The magnificent Friesian and Andalusian horses are the stars of the family troupe and will be available throughout the day for the public to get a close look at them and ask questions of the trainers.
Originating from Peru, the horse descended from Spanish, Arab, Berber, and Andalusian horses over 400 years ago.
Bahrain-based photographers had an opportunity to put their new skills to the test with the stables of Andalusian horses at the Bahrain Endurance Village, Sakhir.
Among the impressive line up of entertainment will be twice daily shows of Comobailan Los Caballos Andalusian Horses, Fish World - creating an immense underwater environment, a bird show featuring a large display of exotic birds as well as an outdoor theatre, Farmer s Market, Mad Science Mad Lab and lots of fun activities especially arranged for young children.
The paddocks are home to Andalusian horses renowned throughout Spain as the 'Pure Spanish Horse'.
Hemingway would have been attracted to Gongora's sexual innuendos and scatological humor; his descriptions of passionate encounters, hunting scenes, bravery in war, bloody battlefields; his lyrical passages on "beautiful Andalusian horses, the flight of hawks, the color of red and white wine mixed, a river winding through fields, the rising sun dispelling mists, pools of water on the seashore sparkling in the sunlight" (Selected Poems, ed.
Paul de Olivera and his team reveal the secrets of Cossack riding, while Sebastian Fernandez shows off his Andalusian horses.