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Andalusian, Andalucian

breeds of animals named after the Spanish province of Andalusia.

Andalusian ass
gray donkey, origin of American and other ass breeds.
Andalusian cattle
three varieties, a dark, black-brown, a yellow, and gray, of meat and draft cattle, with open lyre horns, bred in southern Spain.
Andalusian horse
Spanish breed of light horse originating from Arab and Barb. Brown, gray or black, about 15.2 hands high. Origin of many breeds of horses and of criollo and mustang.
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Andalusian horse. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
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Throughout the fair, people wear typical Andalusian dress: the men wear the typical outfit of the farmworker, and the women wear flamenco or gypsy dresses.
For the historical linguist, Andalusian Arabic is potentially a treasure trove for early spoken Arabic.
The transaction is part of a larger deal vesting control of Greenway Technology to Bernard Fried, who currently operates Andalusian.
The Andalusian ruler began to give orders for works on philosophy and astronomy to be burned wherever found (Shami, 1997).
Betis showed no sign of taking their foot off the pedal when winning 2-1 away to city rivals Seville on Wednesday and the in-form Andalusians have lost just one of their last nine games.
The dance with six routines will be held twice daily by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
Del Nido, 54, became Sevilla president in 2002 and during his tenure the Andalusian club have won the UEFA Cup and Spanish Copa del Rey twice, as well as the UEFA Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup.
In a related context, the paper points out that the technique of adaptation, used by Ghabesh, which includes recollection rephrasing and re-writing of ancient heritage and Andalusian legacies to fulfill contemporary purposes, is part of the issue of hybridity and interculturation, characterizing the contemporary experience of political and cultural globalization.
A municipal swimming pool in the small Andalusian town of Lobres gets a surreal twist with a seductive inner realm clad in bright green Astroturf, the project is a genuinely artificial landscape, playing deftly on the ambiguity between the natural and manmade.
Andalusian decor specialists eyes regional expansion
Summary: Granada - Morocco is an "important" partner of the European Union in maintaining security, achieving political stability and boosting economic prosperity, President of the Andalusian Autonomous Government JosE[umlaut] Antonio Grinan said Saturday in Granada.
This week at the Twin Palms Dressage Show we will see the return of Britta Tappendorf and her wonderful Andalusian stallion Liron to perform the Elementary and Medium tests.