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Andalusian, Andalucian

breeds of animals named after the Spanish province of Andalusia.

Andalusian ass
gray donkey, origin of American and other ass breeds.
Andalusian cattle
three varieties, a dark, black-brown, a yellow, and gray, of meat and draft cattle, with open lyre horns, bred in southern Spain.
Andalusian horse
Spanish breed of light horse originating from Arab and Barb. Brown, gray or black, about 15.2 hands high. Origin of many breeds of horses and of criollo and mustang.
Enlarge picture
Andalusian horse. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
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Even if Podemos did not manage to break the Socialist dominance of Andalusia, its result on Sunday suggests the party will be a strong challenger in forthcoming votes, starting with elections in most of Spain's other regions in May.
Spain is key to US military strategy in Europe and Africa with the Rota naval base in Andalusia part of the Nato defence shield.
20-year lease with government tenant: The State of Andalusia is rated BBB- by Standard & Poor's and Ba+ by Moody's.
This audience was attended by the Spanish ambassador to Morocco, Jose de Carvajal Salido and Secretary General of the Presidency of the Government of Andalusia, Maximo Diaz-Cano, as well as HM the King's advisor, Fouad Ali El Himma, and Foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar.
These results were reached using a tool named TOUCAN, an asteroseismology model management tool developed by researchers from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia and the Spanish Virtual Observatory (CAB-INTA-CSIC).
Embracing the unique concept and highly popular Spanish theme that defines The Villa project, the Andalusia Collection recognises the historical link between the people of the Middle East and the legendary Spanish region Andalusia -- a name that is derived from the Arabic word 'Al Andalus'.
I work between two ages, that of the Islamic civilisation known in Arabic as al Andalus, and the modern period of contemporary Andalusia.
Jerez - learn how sherry is produced, or watch a breathtaking display at the Royal Equestrian School of Andalusia Morocco - from Fuengirola take a coach and a ferry to Tangier.
Granada, Cordoba and Seville are some of the many cities that stood witness to the great period of Arab rule in Andalusia and are perfect tourist destinations as the hot summer begins to cool.
The bullfight is a solid link with the past and the bulls of Andalusia are thought to have originated in ancient times.
A five-member delegation of an entrepreneurs association in Andalusia, Spain recently visited the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) aiming to reach the regional market.
TRAVEL pounds 5ppdiscountwhen you book this break on line until 30 April ' 09 Hidden Treasures of Andalusia 8 days by air, 27 September from pounds 899.