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(el'bō), [TA]
1. The region of the upper limb between arm and forearm surrounding the elbow joint, especially posteriorly.
2. Synonym(s): ancon, cubitus (1) Synonym(s): elbow joint
3. An angular body resembling a flexed elbow.
[A.S. elnboga]
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For the past two years Cesar Villasana, an electrical engineering technology major at New Mexico State University, has traveled with a small group of his fellow engineering students to Mexico, where he has helped to build a water well for some 80 residents of Ruiz De Ancones and a bridge for the 150 residents of Las Boquillas.
Classical Architecture will enable students to recover that lost knowledge and scholars to increase their own, for it contains both recondite as well as practical information: for example, the section on 'Ears' begins 'trusses or consoles on the flanks of architraves under the cornice, also called elbows, ancones, or prothyrides'.