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While the gels such as Bonjela, Dentinox and Anbesol are widely used by mums and dads, they'll no longer be available in shops and supermarkets.
She told them she was "using medicine" and had consumed four 15ml bottles of Anbesol, a liquid that contains alcohol at 96 per cent proof.
(+0.0%) LEADING BRANDS ** Market Dollar sales Dollar sales share (000) % change Abreva 72.1% $18,079 + 5.1% Orajel 5.2% 1,299 + 37.4% Private Label 4.7% 1,175 - 8.8% Abreva On The Go 3.7% 931 - 6.8% Releev 3.4% 843 + 4.1% Quantum Lip Clear 2.9% 727 + 1.8% Lysine Plus Blistex 2.7% 677 - 10.5% Carmex 2.6% 660 + 12.8% Campho-Phenique 1.3% 331 - 61.8% Anbesol 0.5% 113 - 2.6% TOTAL UNIT SALES * 3.5 mil.
They are off-the-counter remedies such as Calpol Infant Suspension and Anbesol Teething Gel as well as prescription drugs like Amoxicillin and more.
Benzocaine gels and liquids are sold over the counter with brand names such as Anbesol, Hurricaine, Orajel, Baby Orajel, Orabase, and various store brands.
"On days when I can't bourree anymore, I put Anbesol on my toe.
Baby teething treatment Ashton & Parsons and mouth ulcer cure Anbesol, are being swallowed by Alliance Pharma in a pounds 2.6million deal.
Some products, such as Rinstead Adult Gel, Lypsyl Cold Sore Gel and Anbesol Adult Gel, can prevent a cold sore developing.
Over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen, Orabase-B, Anbesol and Orajel may also help.
* Try an over-the-counter numbing agent like Anbesol or Orabase.