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Hence, the use of multiple classes of drugs for treatment is in use, including pain relievers such as Anbesol, Num-Zit, and Zilactin-B; antisepsis drugs such as Peridex, and Orajel; and anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aphthasol and Orabase-HCA.
They are off-the-counter remedies such as Calpol Infant Suspension and Anbesol Teething Gel as well as prescription drugs like Amoxicillin and more.
On days when I can't bourree anymore, I put Anbesol on my toe.
Baby teething treatment Ashton & Parsons and mouth ulcer cure Anbesol, are being swallowed by Alliance Pharma in a pounds 2.
Some products, such as Rinstead Adult Gel, Lypsyl Cold Sore Gel and Anbesol Adult Gel, can prevent a cold sore developing.
Over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen, Orabase-B, Anbesol and Orajel may also help.
These were Anbesol teething gel, Buttercup Infant cough syrup, Calpol Paracetamol, Sudafed Children's Syrup and Superdrug Children's Chesty Cough Syrup.
3% Chapstick Cold Sore Therapy 3% Anbesol Cold Sore Therapy Ointment 3% Orajel Cold Sore Medication 3% Flexall Plus Gel 3.
Anbesol is excellent for mouth ulcers because as it's a liquid you can apply it straight to the sore point.
Try anaesthetic gels to relieve pain such as Anbesol Liquid (pounds 2.