anatomic position

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an·a·tom·ic po·si·tion

the erect position of the body with the face and gaze directed anteriorly (cranium aligned in orbitomeatal or Frankfort plane), the upper limbs at the side, and the palms of the hands directed anteriorly; terms of spatial relation such as posterior, anterior, lateral, and medial, are applied to the parts as they stand related to each other and to the axis of the body when in this position.
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anatomical position

The position of an animal’s body at which the totality of its muscles are at their lowest tension. For humans, the anatomical position has a person standing erect, with feet facing forward, the arms at the sides, palms of the hands facing interior, and fingers pointing straight down. Anatomists and clinicians use the AP to build hypothetical biomechanical models of normalcy in which to describe movement of the centre of gravity.
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an·a·tom·ic po·si·tion

(ană-tomik pŏ-zishŏn)
Standing erect, arms at the sides, with palms facing forward.
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an·a·tom·ic po·si·tion

(ană-tomik pŏ-zishŏn)
Standing erect, arms at the sides, with palms facing forward.
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In typical anatomic position, the discs normally bear 80% of the weight-bearing load and the facets normally bear the remaining 20%.
Successful completion of the procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids corrects the prolapse, restores internal hemorrhoids to their normal anatomic position, and alleviates the patient's symptoms.
At final follow-up 1 year postoperatively, radiographs demonstrated healed humeral and radial shaft fractures in anatomic position with stable reduction of the distal radioulnar joint (Figures 3(a)-3(c)).
After 2 weeks with the EarWell system in place, the cryptotia deformity was completely corrected and the superior helix was in the correct anatomic position. Figure 2 shows the before-and-after treatment images.
The decision of whether to replace the IOL and in which anatomic position to implant the replacement IOL depends on the patient's anterior and posterior segment examinations, age, general health, and the surgeon's experience and preference.
(20-23) To achieve the anatomic position for the femoral tunnel, some surgeons recommend drilling via a medial or accessory medial portal.
(2,4) The radiographic presentations are varied and are usually depend on the lesion's anatomic position and the amount of calcification.
This is favored by the occurrence of this condition in the elderly, and not in children, and because the arrangement of these glands is very similar to the normal anatomic position of esophageal submucous glands.
(1) Embryologically, the thyroid rudiment migrates from an invagination in the primitive pharynx in the foramen cecum to the final anatomic position in the anterior aspect of the neck.