Anatolian shepherd dog

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Anatolian shepherd dog, Anatolian Karabash

a large, tall (28-32 in) dog with a short, dense coat, broad head, and long tail carried over the back. It is usually fawn with a black mask, but other colors also occur. A Turkish breed used for guarding sheep, goats and other livestock.
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Anatolian shepherd dog.
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Then his desperate dad Will and stepmum Colleen brought home Haatchi the Anatolian shepherd dog, who had lost a leg after being cruelly bludgeoned round the head by his owner and dumped on a train line.
But the star at Birmingham's NEC was an Anatolian shepherd dog called Haatchi who won in the Friends for Life category.
Sadly though, the supply of homes for these animals is not sufficient: while the Anatolian shepherd dogs have the plateaus to roam, dogs and cats in the major cities face a dim future.
But instead of having P-1 killed, the rancher built an enclosure for his sheep and goats and bought Anatolian shepherd dogs.
In Namibia, it is official government policy to provide specially-trained Anatolian shepherd dogs - the breed we refer to in this country as Karabash - to chase cheetahs from the herds.
Its most successful effort is the Livestock Guarding Dog Program, which uses Anatolian Shepherd dogs from Turkey to guard livestock herds and ward off cheetahs and other predators with their loud barking.