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The fruit of Ananas sativa or Bromelia ananas (family Bromeliaceae); it contains a proteolytic and milk-clotting enzyme, bromelain.


Herbal medicine
A tropical plant, the “fruit”—a complex flowering head that forms around the stem—of which is anti-inflammatory, thrombolytic and a digestive tonic; its most active principle is bromelain, an enzyme used commercially as a natural meat tenderiser.


n Latin name:
Ananas comosus; part used: fruit; uses: antifungal, antiinflammatory, obesity, constipation, wounds, source for the enzyme complex-bromelain, known to act as a platelet aggregation inhibitor; precautions: avoid therapeutic use in pregnancy, lactation, or for children, ACE inhibitor medications, anticoagulants. Also called
ananas, golden rocket, or
smooth cayenne. See also bromelain.
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xi (1) sm (aba (5) + tupi kati recedente) 1 Bot Variedade das especies silvestres do genero Ananas (Ananas sativus).
Los estimulos estudiados fueron pera, manzana, calabaza y durazno, mientras que los estimulos nuevos fueron fresa, anana, platano y calabacin.
Trade Minister Tim Groser said the agreement will put New Zealand in a prime place, and announced that the negotiations started from Switzerland where he met Indian Commerce Minister Anana Sharma.
Pete sounded out the words, but they were Italian words, mysteries to him: mela, fragole, mirtilli, anana.
And in the Under-16s she again had to pull out all the stops to topple Anana 7-6 7-6 in the last-four before outclassing Hereford & Worcester's Anna Southam 6-1 6-0.
I have seen Super Lamb Banana, SuperLamb Banana and Super Lambb anana.
The royal party also passed a Liverpool FC decorated model of the Super lamb anana, one of more than 100 in the city this summer as part of the Go Superlambanana initiative.
Anana has created an app that allows subscribers to convert their last tweet into a speech ringback greeting or initiate a call with multiple participants through their Facebook wall, making group voice or video chat easy,
AT&T today opened its latest AT&T Foundry innovation center in Ra anana, Israel, together with Amdocs.
After the launch party, the festivities will move to Ananas 8bit Coffee, where Wally Oppenheim will give a talk on the life and legacy of JS Bach at 8pm.