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A somatic or reproductive structure that originates without nuclear recombination (asexual reproduction); the imperfect part of the life cycle of fungi.
[G. ana, up, + morphē, form]


A brand name for MORPHINE.


  1. the asexual (imperfect) stage of FUNGI.
  2. the asexual form (morph) of fungi. Compare TELEOMORPH.


the asexual form of a fungus.
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re-evaluated Graphium-like anamorphs that had long been considered G.
Based on these theories, most of researchers paid attention to the anamorph of Chinese Cordyceps, and its metabolites, such as cordycepin, cordycepic acid and other nucleosides, etc.
Wingfield, "An overview of the taxonomic history of Botryosphaeria, and a re-evaluation of its anamorphs based on morphology and ITS rDNa phylogeny," Studies in Mycology, vol.
However, Chrysosporium anamorph Nannizziopsis vriesii (3,4,8) and the Chrysosporium sp.
A new species of the genus Cordyceps and its Metarhizium anamorph.
1) The anamorph (imperfect) form of the organism is called Scedosporium apiospermum (formerly Monosporium apiospermum), and was shown by Emmons (36) in 1944 to be the same organism as P boydii.
rubi overwinter as a teleomorph on dead floricanes or as an anamorph on primocane buds?
5 [micro]m, germinating at both ends anamorph state none reported.
Phoma betae Frank is the anamorph of Pleospora bjoerlingii Byford.