analog-to-digital converter

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analog-to-digital (A/D) converter

a device for converting analog information, such as temperature or electrocardiographic waveforms, into digital form for processing by a digital computer.
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The patented circuit -- the world's first superconducting sigma-delta modulator -- extends into the upper frequency bandwidths used by radar the high-dynamic-range analog-to-digital conversion capability of conventional sigma-delta modulators, such as those used in compact disc players.
Fast sampling oscilloscopes, direct conversion receivers in radios, radar or electronic warfare systems, demand wider-bandwidth and higher sample rate analog-to-digital conversion.
Its digital output delivers high quality images while eliminating the need for costly analog-to-digital conversion at the host system, as is currently required with analog cameras.
The patented FemtoCharge(R) process is the result of more than ten years of research and development in disruptive analog-to-digital conversion technologies by Dr.
The new IP enhances Dongbu's analog IP portfolio in three key areas, namely analog-to-digital conversion, USB communications, and audio codec functionality.
This innovative analog-to-digital conversion technology developed by Kenet founder Dr.
This update permits features such as analog-to-digital conversion, digital input reading and encryption.