analog-to-digital converter

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analog-to-digital (A/D) converter

a device for converting analog information, such as temperature or electrocardiographic waveforms, into digital form for processing by a digital computer.
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Analog peripherals include up to 16 channels of fast (1 MSPS) 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion and up to four individual 12-bit DACs (digital-to-analog converters).
Fast sampling oscilloscopes, direct conversion receivers in radios, radar or electronic warfare systems, demand wider-bandwidth and higher sample rate analog-to-digital conversion.
The cards can perform critical data acquisition functions including front-end signal conditioning and amplification, analog-to-digital conversion and channel interleaving, high-precision time base for clock and trigger distribution, and memory and acquisition control.
A full-featured industrial controller, the QCard includes a 16 MHz Motorola 68HC11F1 microprocessor, 512 K Flash and 128 K RAM, 320 bytes of EEPROM, eight lines of programmable digital I/O, 8-bit analog-to-digital conversion and dual RS232/485 ports.
The patented FemtoCharge(R) process is the result of more than ten years of research and development in disruptive analog-to-digital conversion technologies by Dr.
The new IP enhances Dongbu's analog IP portfolio in three key areas, namely analog-to-digital conversion, USB communications, and audio codec functionality.
This innovative analog-to-digital conversion technology developed by Kenet founder Dr.
This update permits features such as analog-to-digital conversion, digital input reading and encryption.
NYSE: ADI), the world leader in data converter technology, announced today that it is extending its family of high-speed, multi-channel analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with the introduction of the industry's first high-speed, 14-bit data converter with four analog-to-digital conversion channels (quad ADC).