analog-to-digital converter

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analog-to-digital (A/D) converter

a device for converting analog information, such as temperature or electrocardiographic waveforms, into digital form for processing by a digital computer.
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Using innovative dynamic noise reduction, a sophisticated frame synchronizer and advanced analog to digital conversion processing, the E-1100 optimizes the encoding process, especially with poor signal sources to provide excellent picture quality.
National Semiconductor(R) Corporation today announced the 30MSPS, 10-bit ADC10030, which is designed to ensure the best signal fidelity during analog to digital conversion and the most efficient power consumption for a variety of demanding applications.
Paradise Electronics' Bridge 120 Integrated Flat Panel Monitor Controller brings unparalleled integration of precision high speed analog to digital conversion combined with patented clock recovery and image scaling in a single 160 pin CMOS integrated circuit.
GTCC provides both Internet telephony services achieving high quality, real time voice communications over the Internet utilizing the latest in advanced analog to digital conversion, data compression, packet reconstruction and echo cancellation techniques and on-hold media services for both corporations and telephone companies utilizing the latest Algorithm and digital telephony technology.

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