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(9) Discussing the common reaction-formation whereby extreme cleanliness serves as a mask for an active anal eroticism, Laplanche and Pontalis point out how easily it gives itself away: "Does not the housewife who is obsessed with cleanliness end up by concentrating her whole existence on dust and dirt?" (378).
I am grateful to Michael Tilby for prompting me to address the linguistic dimension of anal eroticism.
Repeatedly in his writings Freud singles out the importance of anal eroticism, nowhere more strikingly than in Civilization and its Discontents where he even leaves his central text to pursue his imp of the perverse: the significance of anal eroticism and its concomitant sensory mode, smell, in the development of human sexuality.
only his anal eroticism which threatened to fall victim
This intimate intersection of desire, disgust and anal eroticism comes up more fully in Freud's letters to Fliess (ed.
As I read Freud's expulsive language, I hear his own desublimation, his own repudiated pleasure liberated through the memory of the very anal eroticism about which he is theorizing.