anaerobic threshold

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anaerobic threshold

The level above which pyruvate—an intermediate product of anaerobic metabolism—is produced faster than it can be used aerobically. Unused pyruvate splits into lactate (lactic acid) and hydrogen ions; continued exercise above the anaerobic threshold results in accumulation of these ions (acidosis), causing exhaustion and intramuscular pain.

an·aer·o·bic thresh·old

(an'ār-ō'bik thresh'ōld)
Archaic term to describe the onset of blood lactate accumulation estimated by using either ventilatory measures (ventilatory threshold)or blood lactate measures (lactate threshold [q.v.]).

anaerobic threshold

The point at which increased carbon dioxide production and minute ventilation result from increased levels of lactic acid during exercise.
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anaerobic threshold (anˈ··rōˑ·bik threshˑ·hōld),

n at increasing speeds or intensity levels, the point above which the muscles derive their energy from nonoxygenic rather than oxygenic sources during exercise. The body can only operate above this threshold for a short period of time, such as when sprinting, before lactic acid builds up in the muscles.
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