anaerobic exercise

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anaerobic exercise

any short-duration exercise that is powered primarily by metabolic pathways that do not use oxygen. Such pathways produce lactic acid, resulting in metabolic acidosis. Examples of anaerobic exercise include sprinting and heavy weight lifting. Compare aerobic exercise. See also active exercise, passive exercise.

anaerobic exercise

A general term for exercise consisting of slow rhythmic movements against a force—e.g., calisthenics, such as push-ups, sit-ups, weight lifting—which evoke minimal increases in heart rate. Anaerobic exercise is said to strengthen muscles, increase joint mobility and reduce risk of musculoskeletal injury.

an·ae·ro·bic ex·er·cise

(an'ār-ōbik ek'sĕr-sīz)
Physical activity that alternates short bursts of energy with periods of rest.

anaerobic exercise,

n physical activity, which instigates a metabolism that does not depend on oxygen. Examples include isotonics, in which the muscles contract against an object of resistance with movement (e.g., weight lifting); isometrics, in which muscles contract against resistance but without movement; and calisthenics (e.g., sit-ups and knee-bends), which increase flexibility and improve joint mobility.


the absence of air.

anaerobic bacteria
anaerobic effluent treatment
is usually conducted in deep ponds where air does not penetrate. A fully contained system is also available.
anaerobic exercise
exercise at high work intensity during which the needs of muscle metabolism for oxygen exceeds the capacity of the circulation to supply it and an oxygen debt is incurred.
anaerobic infection
one caused by aerobic organisms.
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