Amytal Interview

A test carried out under the influence of Amytal, a sedative, to localise speech function before a temporal lobectomy in patients with medically refractory epilepsy. Amytal® interview was later used to evaluate memory which, by causing full relaxation with minimal sedation, may elicit information from a person who is voluntarily ‘guarding’ against its revelation
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Overview: Clinical applications of the amytal interview in psychiatric emergency settings.
1979b) have suggested that the effects of sodium amytal interviews are due to non-drug factors and that the barbiturate is nothing more than a placebo.
When she has been asked if the sodium amytal interviews helped, she has replied by saying: "They took the top off it.
Furthermore, amytal interviews are not always conducted according to the protocol described by Piper (1993).
Dysken, Kooser, Haraszti, and Davis (1979) carried out a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study on the utility of amytal interviews.
The degree of agreement in the literature is striking: numerous studies were reviewed for the present article, but not a single investigator who had actually conducted Amytal interviews endorsed this procedure as a means of recovering accurate memories of past events.