Amyand, Claudius

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Claudius, English surgeon.
Amyand hernia - inguinal hernia with involvement of appendix.
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It should be noted that the de Garengeot hernia should not be confused with the Amyand hernia which is an appendix containing inguinal hernia [3].
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(8,9) Amyand hernia usually occurs on the right side, probably as a consequence of normal anatomic position of the appendix.
The eponym "Amyand hernia" was first suggested by Creese in 1953, then by Hiatt and Hiatt in 1988, followed by Hutchinson in 1993, in honor of Claudius Amyand (1680-1740) who performed appendectomy in an 11-year-old boy having perforated appendix as a content of inguinal hernia in 1735.
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